Prank emailer for windows phones

Do you want to play a prank on your friends/family by sending a spoofed mail? By using prank emailer, you can send e-mail to any id using any email address of your choice. So, you can send an email to your Mom pretending it to be coming from your Dad. Pretty cool, huh? Sure, how it is fun to see their shocked faces and the prank is only limited by your imagination. But caution, you have to use it wisely, sometimes there is a think line between prank and immorality and you have to take care of it. Don’t be carried away by this power and do something stupid.

So, here is how it looks :


Currently, I have made this app for windows phones only. Will see if I can find out time for an android version as well. You can download it from the windows store here.


Update: Due to misuse of this application I have taken it down from the windows store.

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