Monitor your PC with this system spy

Do you want to monitor your PC which keeps records of all the keystrokes, passwords, websites visited etc? There might be various drivers for you to monitor a PC including keeping an eye on children, spying on spouse etc. Personally I monitor my PC to keep track of what’s happening on my system. Whatever may be the reason, here is a tool which will solve your such needs. The tool (download link at the end of article) comes with the following features:

1. Monitor keystrokes, websites, chats etc.

2. Store the logs locally, on email  or at FTP server.

3. Inbuilt log viewer for easy searching.

4. Retrieve stored passwords from browsers.

And much more..

Here is the screenshot of the program in action:

system spy


Note: To prevent misuse of the software, I have created a licensing feature so that only licensed machines would be able to use it. To get a license, you need to take an oath to me that you won’t do anything malicious with this tool 🙂

Anyways here is the download link to preview the application

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